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The Groove

With many DJ services, you’ll find part time guys with less experience, less training, and little or no investment in the equipment and music they are using, so they won’t feel the sense of ownership as we do with you event.

You will never be surprised by The Groove DJ who shows up to your party since you will have met with them multiple times throughout the planning stages. We do everything in our power to make sure you and your guests are happy.

We have back up DJs in case of an emergency and back up equipment is always on hand. The Groove staff is comprised of fun, experienced DJs who share a common belief of what our role is on your day.

We care as much about the success of your event as you do, not only because we love to make our clients happy, but we strive for your referrals as well. Each and every show is important to us since we are only as good as our last performance.

Hopefully we will have the chance to talk further with you about your special day and work together to make it great!

Meed our D.J.s Andy and Tim.




Andy Hagenah

Andy has owned and operated The Groove for over 25 years. He grew up in Minnesota and moved to San Diego in 1999 where he met and married his wife Amy. They have three beautiful children and Andy loves the fact that his profession allows him to spend so much time with his kids.

Andy has an excellent skill for motivating people and entertaining crowds without being obnoxious or acting like the “Cheesy DJ” many people associate mobile disc jockeys as being. Andy believes that being himself and blending in, rather than trying to put on an act and be the star of the show, is one of the secrets to his success.

The music knowledge, experience, and people skills that Andy has, makes him easily the perfect choice for your next event. He is very trustworthy, reliable, and you will feel like you have hired a friend when you choose to work with Andy.



Tim English

Tim has been providing clients with expert DJ service for over 25 years as well. His vast knowledge of music and warm, friendly personality are a perfect fit for any type of event you might be planning.

Tim has been happily married to his wife Laura since 1998, and he is the proud father of two beautiful little girls. Being a family man helps Tim to understand all the feelings that surround your special event.

Tim knows that your wedding day, anniversary party, or corporate event is special and unique, and he devotes himself to making it a terrific memory for everyone who attends. Tim’s friendliness and experience are just two great reasons why he should be a part of your next event.