Retro-Phone Audio Guestbook


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* Only $350 when added to a DJ Package

Welcome to Our Audio Guest Book Service – Where Memories are Made and Kept!

Are you looking for a unique and personal way to capture the memories of your special event? Look no further than our innovative Audio Guest Book!

Personal Greeting from You: Imagine your guests being welcomed by your own voice as they approach our audio guest book. Your personal greeting sets the tone, making each guest feel specially invited to leave their message.

Heartfelt Messages at the Beep: After your greeting, guests will hear a friendly beep, signaling their turn to leave a message. This is where the magic happens – friends, family, and loved ones pour out their heartfelt thoughts, wishes, and anecdotes, creating a tapestry of lasting memories.

Digital Delivery of Memories: We understand the importance of these messages. That’s why we carefully collect and digitally deliver all the recordings to you. Whether you want to relive those moments or share them with those who couldn’t attend, our digital delivery makes it easy and convenient.

Customization at Its Best: Our audio guest book isn’t just about functionality; it’s also about style. Choose from 2 distinct styles to match your event’s theme. But why stop there? With 8 color choices, you can ensure that our guest book complements your event’s color scheme perfectly.

Embrace a modern twist on traditional guest books. Let our audio guest book capture the essence of your event in the voices of those who matter most. Get ready to relive your special day, one heartfelt message at a time.